Thursday, 29 June 2017

the creation story

In the beginning, there was darkness. It was just dark. God was in the darkness for a thousand years or more. He was comfortable in it. (thats why its still out there, in outter space. Its the one place He understands fully. Its His darkness).
                            DAY 1
 After 1000 years or more to man, all equivalent to 1 day to God, He decided to create the opposite of darkness. Light.  And He looked at the light. And He saw it was good. He called the darkness night. He called the light day. It was beautiful. He balanced the two perfectly; 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night. The darkness needs the light to be darkness. The light needs darkness to be light. Even in life; without some dark moments, you wouldn't know you were having it good.
What is "to have it good?"
Simplicity. You are okay with Gods perfect design of life and you know that He is always with you through thick and thin.
To be content with what God has in store for you. Be it to be a wife, husband, father, mother, widow, widower, prophet of God, friend, grandma, grandpa, uncle, aunt, daughter,son, niece, nephew, cousin, crippled or grandchild
To have little because you want to share in the suffering of the worlds pains.
                              DAY 2
  There was darkness and there was light. For a thousand years or more, it remained that way. Then God separated the seas and the skies. He looked at them. He saw it was good. So He called this the second day.
                               DAY 3
   There was night, day, sky and the seas. Beautiful and peaceful as it was, He added two lights. One would rule on the day(Sun) and the other would rule the night(moon).  It took a thousand years or more to create the sun, moon and the stars. He saw it was good. He called this day three.
Did you know that:
 without the sun there would be no directions or compasses made?the sun is the one thing that never changes where it rises from and sets at.
Without the moon, there would be no calender. The moon marks the end of one month and the beginning of another month. And yes, it is mightily beautiful to look at.
                                DAY 4
   He looked at the seas and ordered the opposite to pop out of them. And dry land came up. He called it the ground. It was the opposite of the seas. The seas were wet and full of waters while the ground was dry and full of soil. He ordered trees to come forth out of the ground and  to keep producing after themselves. He commanded the same vegetation to produce after themselves beneath the seas. That way, none would overpower the other. The seas would hold as much life as the dry lands. All this took a thousands of years or billion of years to man but only a day to God. And everything happened as He commanded. He called this beautiful day, day four.
                                DAY 5
  He looked at the vegetation and the thought of animals to keep the vegetation at neat lengths and to give the vegetation purpose. Every animal He thought of came forth from the ground. Every animal that was on the ground He made also to exist in the waters. To balance the ground and the seas. From the birds of the air and the seas  to the larger animals of the land and the seas. It was good.( It was breathtaking.) He called this day five.
                            DAY 6
  He looked at the animals and thought of creating one like Himself. And so He made man in His very own image. To take care of the animals. He commanded the dust to rise and form into a being that looked like Him. And it did. He breathed the breath of life into his nostrils and the man became a living being. God called him Adam. This was the sixth day. It was good.
                           DAY 7
  God looked at the creation and saw it was all good and took a rest on the seventh day. He blessed it as all His work was now complete.

1. We only need the things God gave us.  The rest are our desires. (Jesus taught us to be careful with where we are most drawn to, because thats where our hearts are. And He said that we should not have things that might make us look back like Lots wife and get left behind to burn when He returns.
( Luke 17:31 suppose someone is on the roof of his house on that day when I come back. And suppose his valuables are inside the house. He should not go down to get them. No one in the field should go back for anything either. Remember Lots wife. Anyone who tries to keep his life will lose it and anyone who loses his life will keep it) ).
Besides, when you have less, you create more room for Jesus. You give Him room in your heart other than squeezing Him in there with all your desires.
When you have less, you learn to share.
When you have less, you learn to care about others which is a special gift of the Holy Spirit. When you have less, you learn to love. Jesus said that the two greatest commandments that you can show are:
1). Love your God. The God of Abraham, Israel and Jacob.
2). Love your neighbour as you love yourself.
When you follow these two commandments, you follow all of Gods commandments. You do to others as you would wish to be done unto.
Meaning of:
Anyone who tries to keep his life will lose it  *if you show Jesus that the world is okay as it is, beside knowing the many problems there are, you certainly will be on the wrong side. The world is full of harmful acts. And just because you might be enjoying your life doesnt mean that all is well with the rest of the world. Infact those who look back and think that all is well with the world will get a taste of the cruel world that they are preferring to live in. A world of chaos where everything evil is permitted. Then the flames will come and burn it all up to end it because it is Gods world and He may do as He pleases. A word of prayer is always good to tell Jesus to share a good moment that you just  had to someone else who really needs it. And be specific when you are mentioning who Jesus should bless. (its just a much better way of doing things. Its special when someone tells you thank you for a specific reason other than to generalise everything. Even unto Jesus, its special when you can name unto Him a couple of people who need His love.)And its a blessing to remember to give thanks to Jesus for everything. Because its only by His favor that we share some good moments in our lives. Jesus once healed 10 lepers. Only one came back to say thank you. Jesus asked him of his other 9 friends and asked if their lives had not been changed in a second by Him as well. He then told his followers that give thanks even for the littlest of deeds and you will receive more in heaven. Because you understood that its only by favor.

and anyone who loses his life will keep it
*if you are having it real bad you are in the right place. It was never meant to be easy in the first place. So you are right to live in awaiting the return of Jesus because life down here is just awful bad. Not even the Bible prophets or those who walked with God had it easy. Everyone in the Bible shares deep grief. Its all for a reason: Because Jesus is choosing His next shepherds for His throne. Those who can bear the worst times on earth in order to receive the good times in Heaven.
Short story:
 A young girl had a cat. Her cat was a very picky eater so she often found herself finishing her plate of food and denying her cat any, because her cat had made it clear that she would only eat certain foods. The cat only ate what she wanted. The rest, she sniffed and went off to hunt her preferred choice. So after trying to make the cat eat what she ate, the girl just gave up trying because she kept thinking to herself, "my cat won't eat what I give her anyway. Besides why cant she eat what I eat at my worst times that I may give her extra when I eat the food that she enjoys? The mother saw this and told her that this is how Jesus works. If you can accept everything He hands out for you, then He will give you greater because like a good dog, you never went out to find any other solutions to your problems. You went to His Holy book and searched for those who went through what you went through to know how to handle your situation. And you prayed and were patient to wait on Him for what you asked for. You understood that sometimes there was good times and at other times, not so great times. And that's okay with you because you know everything happens for a reason. Its Gods special design for your life. To shine His light in your darkness.
     The young girl fed her cat because she remembered the times that Jesus did her good regardless of whether she had said thank you or not. Jesus is a good shepherd. The greatest master anyone will ever serve.

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