Thursday, 29 June 2017


 After 1000 years or more to man, all equivalent to 1 day to God, He decided to create the opposite of darkness. Light.  And He looked at the light. And He saw it was good. He called the darkness night. He called the light day. It was beautiful. He balanced the two perfectly; 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night.
The darkness needs the light to be darkness. The light needs darkness to be light. Even in life; without some dark moments, you wouldn't know you were having it good.
What is "to have it good?"
Simplicity. You are okay with Gods perfect design of life and you know that He is always with you through thick and thin.
To be content with what God has in store for you. Be it to be a wife, husband, father, mother, widow, widower, prophet of God, friend, grandma, grandpa, uncle, aunt, daughter,son, niece, nephew, cousin, crippled or grandchild.
To have little because you want to share in the suffering of the worlds pains.
To have little so that you don't get left behind when Jesus comes for His sheep. Luke 17:30 Have nothing that you love too much. It might deceive you that you are having it great and cheat you to want to get left behind. This is not a world to live in. When God doesn't speak anymore, its not a world to live in. When theres just alot of harmful acts, maybe not happening to you, still, its not a world to be content with. We need a world where we can see our king. And serve our God face to face without not knowing if we are offending God.

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