Monday, 3 July 2017

i have left everything behind to carry His cross

have done away with everything I don't need. I have burnt alot of unnecessary things which can't be given out in the first place. Such as tight clothes which can lead men to commit adultery.  I know the pain of being married and another woman walks by clad in the most revealing clothes past my hubby and I, and I know the pain of looking at my hubbys eyes roaming with the woman. So I have resulted in wearing long loose fitting clothes. That I may not be held on account of adulerty. Also because I know there's absolutely no "prince charming out there". If my hubby and I are at rough patches, after I have tried being the good wife, I know that there is not a man in this world without a "poison" . "Poison" such as drinking, cheating, gambling, fighting, etc. Each and every man has their own poison to be dealt with. There is not a man to treat you better out there. You have to accept the man you have and deal with his flaws an "poison". You have to lead him to living right but never be fooled that there is a man who will take care of you better. That would be against Gods laws on equality. Why should you have it better? What did you do that was so good to deserve that better? He created us equally. Even Bible marriages are as real as today. Don't leave your man and look for better. There isn't. It's Gods law. You can't change that law. All you can wait for is Christ to change the odds in your favor. If you are the one in the lead at first, the Lord will shift it. Marriage is like a football field. Whoever kicks the ball is given all the chances by God to be in the lead. Then turns change and whoever was "boss" becomes the "servant".  And the "servant" becomes "boss". It keeps rotating to show that you are all equally important. And you are all of good use to each other and are one in His eyes. A good wife/hubby uses the time they're in power(in the house) like Joseph in the Bible. Doing good deeds to stay in favor with the Lord to prolong your lead for as long as possible. Instead of using the lead for revenge purposes on all the times umekaliwa chapati. That period lasts for very short. If you leave your man, then make Christ your man otherwise you will be committing adultery in His eyes. It is adultery in His eyes.  I have cleaned out my closet good and proper. I have very little with me and I feel a peace underneath me. My life feels like boarding school. Just very little, what I need. I spend my days reading the Bible, taking care of my cucu and watching the skies as the Lord said there will be signs in the end times. I have absolutely nothing materialistically and nothing in my name. Not a house. Not a car. Not any property. If I died, I would die like a "nobody". Nobody would feel the shift. And I am very joyful for that. I am living the Christ way. You have to be a "nobody" that people may start to look for other ways to spend the time that we all have. They will find Jesus. When you understand the Bible, you understand that we are not meant to make legends of ourselves. It drives people to another focus so anyone who does so will be brought down. Anyone who is okay with the world as it is, is agreeing with all the evils happening in the world of today as well. We are not supposed to be comfortable in this world. It's a world of good and evil. Jesus promises a world of total peace and He is the only happily ever after. We are supposed to die as nobodies that the Lord reigns. That people have no one to wish to become like, or anyone to compete with, that our eyes and focus may be on the Lord. No other motivation should be. No other purpose. Just the good Lord. Because He controls everything.

Sunday, 2 July 2017

find out about your Father and Mother

Honour your father and mother:
This commandment might confuse alot but here's the very truth: Your father and mother is God. Through your mothers womb you came into this world but whether through her or another mother, you still could have come into this world. His plan was that you get into the world. Your mothers womb is your transport into this world. Your fathers seed is the grand design conception method He designed. That you may be half both of them. Proof that your mother and father are just transports into the world: Orphans. Their lives still carry on. They still grow up after being rejected or when their parents exit this world. They grow up by Gods grace, just like every child in the world. Alot of the children in the world have moms and dads but their moms and dads are caught up in other things or have prioritized other things. Work, fight verbally and so forth. But the children still grow. Whether they get fed right, or not, they still grow. Whether they get love or not, they still grow. Whether they are brought up by a nanny or mom, they still grow. Because God gives the love they need. Because God is the father and mother of all. So let us not be worried of what our parents on earth expect from us, let us instead be worried if we are living right according to the One who created us. Jesus said: Matthew 8:21 "Lord, first let me go and bury my father," said a follower of Jesus but Jesus replied, " Follow me. Let the dead bury their own dead."  He meant that now the person has left this world and has gone on trial whether they lived right or not in Jesus' standards.
Matthew 10: 37 Jesus said, " Anyone who loves his mother or father more than me is not worthy of me. Anyone who loves his son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. And anyone who does not pick up his cross(follow Jesus teachings) to follow me is not worthy of me. If anyone creates his life on this earth, he will lose it. If anyone loses his desires or wants because of me, when he dies he will have eternal life."
This is not just referring to males as theres alot of he/his. In Gods eyes, we are all Adam. Male or female, He sees us as the same thing. God is Jesus.